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mTripod Gate System
Tripod Turnstile
mTripod Gate System


  • Revolutionary design, won German Design Award 2018
  • Extensive functions and intuitive operation
  • Drop-arm mechanism (optional) permits passage during power outages or alarms
  • Ethernet plug-in module for IP connection (optional)
  • Designed for 10,000,000 opening and closing cycles

For sophisticated architectures

Companies, cultural institutions and public facilities increasingly want to methodically register the presence of employees and visitors in order to automate various processes and increase the security of their premises. The design of the access control system plays an increasingly important role in more sophisticated work and experience environments. As one of the first interaction points on the way into the building, it should underline the business’ architectural aspirations and provide those entering with a friendly reception.

The mTripod access control system from Magnetic was designed for precisely these applications. With its extremely slender design, its curved lines, and its unique illumination at the base and on the frame edges, it is ideal for integration in sophisticated and décor-centric architectures while, at the same time, the material mDure offers a warm tactile and visual first impression. Instead of being cold and hard like stainless steel, mDure feels soft and comfortable, emphasizing the open character of the new generation of Magnetic ‘m’ products. 
Standards, however, are also set beneath the smart outer skin. With its intuitive control system, extraordinary range of functions and future-oriented connectivity, the mTripod redefines access control systems.

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