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Tripod Turnstile Gate

Motorized pivot-arm turnstile

  • Rugged and reliable turnstiles for high throughput
  • Optional drop-arm mechanism permits passage in case of power failure or alarm
  • High-quality stainless steel housing for indoor or outdoor use
  • Simple integration of most access control systems
  • Designed for 10 million throughput cycles

High-colume traffic, indoors and outdoors
For managing access at swimming pools, sports stadiums or other public facilities, Magnetic MPP pivot-arm turnstiles offer simplicity, reliability and straightforward medium-security control. The rugged housings and stainless steel barrier arms not only withstand rough use, but are also suitable for outdoor applications (optional 304-grade stainless). MPP turnstiles offer versatile operation: many people can be easily managed, while bi-directional operation permits a single turnstile to act as both entrance and exit. MPP turnstiles are also ideally equipped to handle passage in emergency situations: The barrier can permit free passage if there is a power outage or a security alarm activation. When equipped with the Drop-Arm option, the upper arm drops downwards and provides free passage. The arm automatically returns to its original position after the emergency signal is canceled or power has been restored. The innovative MHTM™ drive technology operates without maintenance, energy-efficiently and quietly, and its sensitive impact detection ensures maximum safety. MPP turnstiles can be controlled using most access control systems and are available with two different length housing variants and multiple stainless grades.

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