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Tripod Turnstile Gate

Wing gates

  • Secure control of access with rapid passage of persons
  • Simple integration of all common access control systems
  • Automatic opening if power fails
  • Wide variants suitable for wheelchairs, prams, bicycles, and material transport
  • Designed for 10 million opening and closing actions

For medium and high security requirements
When higher security is needed when providing access to transit platforms, commercial or residential buildings, MPH high door glass barrier gates are the perfect solution. The MPH offers standard and ADA-compliant widths suitable for wheelchairs, mobility devices, and material carts. The sleek-looking MPH allows passage without contact. Photoelectric switches detect users and quickly open the wings fully allowing a no-contact passage. The barriers close automatically after each passage. The sensitive impact detection of the MHTM™ drive ensures maximum safety. In addition, the photoelectric switches contribute towards security: they register the passage of persons attempting to tailgate, pass the wrong way, or without authorization and trigger an alarm. The high glass barrier gates can be used bi-directionally and can be regulated with all common access control systems. The barriers are available with toughened or laminated safety glass.


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