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Immigration Gate
Tripod Gate Imigrasi
Immigration Gate

Credential validation at arrival and departure


  • Reliable identity checks relieve security staff of routine tasks
  • Dependable identification via biometrics and identity documents
  • Short throughput cycles for high passenger numbers
  • Simple integration in existing security architectures
  • Permanent low costs through efficient low-maintenance technology

For identity checks during arrival and departure
Our automatic inspection system has been developed to considerably accelerate identity checks during arrival and departure at airports while increasing security through biometric inspection. The automation of identity checks relieves security staff from routine tasks, giving them more time for passengers who really need assistance. Low impact forces and sensitive sensors ensure maximum safety for users. The low-maintenance and energy-efficient drive unit also keeps costs down in the long term. Passport readers and scanners for fingerprints, iris patterns and facial recognition can be individually integrated as required.

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