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Boarding Gate Ticket inspection to accelerate boarding
Tripod Turnstile
Boarding Gate Ticket inspection to accelerate boarding


  • Acceleration of the boarding process with reduced personnel
  • Reliable detection of access authority via the boarding pass
  • Rapid user-friendly throughflow for passengers
  • Simple integration in the airport's data processing system
  • Permanent low costs through efficient low-maintenance technology

For ticket inspection on the way to the plane
We have developed our automated boarding system in order to accelerate the path of passengers from the terminal to the airplane via the security area and the departure gate. The automatic checking of boarding passes also relieves security staff of routine tasks so that they have more time for passengers who really need assistance. The low impact forces and sensitive sensors of the barrier elements ensure maximum safety for users. The low-maintenance and energy-efficient drive unit keeps costs down in the long term. Scanners for boarding passes, smartphones and other control media can be individually integrated as required.

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