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T-5 Tripod Turnstile for indoor application

Tripod Turnstile

T-5 Tripod Turnstile for indoor application

The T-5 turnstile provides an economical solution for businesses and organisations that need a proper entrance control equipment within a limited budget. 

Delivery set

turnstile with built-in electronics
remote control panel
The turnstile comes with an attractive price thanks to a lightweight construction of the housing, a modified hub and a simpler light indication reducing the manufacturing cost.

With the functionality, mechanics and electronics similar to those of the TTR-04.1, the T-5 meets the traditional high standard of reliability and long operating life of all PERCo products.

The turnstile can be supplied with anti-panic folding arms to clear the passageway in emergency situations without use of any special keys or tools.

T-5 Tripod Turnstile for indoor application dipasang di perumahan, apartemen, sekolah-sekolah, mall, supermarket, area permainan/wahana, pergudangan dan kawasan industri lainnya. Konsultasi dan produk, langsung hubungi kami sekarang juga.

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