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TBC-01.1 Box Tripod Turnstile with 2 built-in readers and a card capture function

Tripod Turnstile

TBC-01.1 Box Tripod Turnstile with 2 built-in readers and a card capture function

Box turnstile TBC-01.1 is a compact and elegant solution to equip your entrance point; installed in a line several turnstiles form a secure passageway without installation of extra guide barriers. The turnstile features 2 readers with a Wiegand interface connection with a controller and a card capture reader. Built-in card capture reader can be applied in an access control system using guest passes that need to be captured at entrance or exit.


Turnstile with built-in electronics, 2 readers and a card capture reader (EMM/HID)
Remote control panel
Automatic “Anti-panic” function applied for model TBС-01.1 is a modern solution which excludes the direct physical involvement. Automatic “Anti-panic” barrier arms unlike the mechanical ones exclude their unsanctioned folding by unauthorized people.

When power supply is restored or Fire Alarm signal is removed, the arm shall be manually set into operating position.

Built-in readers and a card capture reader will save you time and expenses for purchase and installation of additional equipment that this turnstile already has. When operated in an ACS the TBC-01.1 is able to capture temporary passes from guests when they leave the facility.

The turnstile top cover features LED direction indicators with bright pictograms displaying a status of the turnstile, indicating authorized/ not authorized passage direction: green arrow indicates direction of authorized passage, while stop signal indicates the turnstile is locked and passage is not allowed.

On the front top cover at exit way there is a card capture slot with internal illumination. A container for collecting cards is locked and is easy to access to empty it.

The card capture reader can be positioned at either entrance way or exit way.

The turnstile can be operated:

as a stand-alone unit controlled from a remote control panel (delivered with a standard delivery set) or from a wireless remote control
from an access control system (ACS) via a controller
When controlled from an ACS, the turnstile can be configured to operate in either pulse control mode or potential control mode. This control mode choice option ensures proper operation of the turnstile under access control systems of different manufacturers, including capability to use lock controllers with outputs supporting potential control mode. Galvanic decoupling of the turnstile outputs from an ACS is provided for.

Using the turnstile in an ACS allows for correct register of personnel attendance time, especially relevant for Time and Attendance systems.

The turnstile is a normally closed unit– stays locked until a passage authorizing signal is received, or the turnstile is unlocked with a mechanical release key. The turnstile can be unlocked by a signal from a fire alarm system.

In case of emergency the turnstile can be unlocked with a mechanical release key, ensuring free rotation of barrier arms in both directions. The turnstile as standard comes with a mechanical release lock built-in into the turnstile housing and a set of keys.

The turnstile can optionally be supplied with anti-panic folding arms to ensure free passageway in emergency situations without use of special keys or tools.

Thanks to reduced power consumption the turnstile is supplied with safe voltage (max. 14V).

The turnstile can be completed with matching railings.

TBC-01.1 Box Tripod Turnstile with 2 built-in readers and a card capture function dipasang di perumahan, apartemen, sekolah-sekolah, mall, supermarket, area permainan/wahana, pergudangan dan kawasan industri lainnya. Konsultasi dan produk, langsung hubungi kami sekarang juga.

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