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TTR-04CW Tripod Turnstile for outdoor application

Tripod Turnstile

TTR-04CW Tripod Turnstile for outdoor application

The TTR-04CW tripod is designed for outdoor applications (under shelter) or in facilities without climate control. A combination of elegant looks and proven high reliability over many years of operation makes this turnstile a perfect fit for ski resorts.

Delivery set

  • Turnstile housing with inbuilt thermocontrol system
  • Control unit
  • Remote control panel
  • Set of barrier arms

A standard delivery set of the TTR-04CW includes a housing, a control unit with inbuilt standby power supply, a remote control panel, a built-in thermocontrol system, and a set of standard barrier arms.

To improve corrosion resistance characteristics of the turnstile, the housing is coated with a 9-micron layer of zinc applied by electro-chemical galvanizing and after that with a fine structure powder coating finish.

Operation of the turnstile is allowed at temperatures from - 40° to + 40°C. The built-in thermocontrol system keeps the temperature inside the turnstile housing at the preset level above 0 °C that allows to use the TTR-04CW at temperatures below 0 °C.

The standby power supply built into the control unit is provided with a lead-acid backup battery to maintain proper operation of the turnstile for 4 hours or 1000 passages in case of the power failure. Once the main power is restored, the battery automatically starts being recharged.

Biasanya penggunaan TTR-04CW Tripod Turnstile for outdoor application di gedung-gedung perkantoran, rumah sakit, bandara udara, stasiun, mall ataupun gedung pemerintahan. Hubungi kami untuk informasi lebih lanjut!
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